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Replacement Windows for Your Home in the Western

Your windows do more than provide you a view of the outdoors. They also keep out wind and rain, help to maintain your home’s temperature, and allow in natural sunlight. Because they provide so many functions for your home, they will inevitably wear and require replacement from time to time. Replacement windows at your home will improve not only the energy efficiency and function of your home, but also its curb appeal. New windows instantly update the exterior of your home. At Dreamstyle Remodeling, we can install windows to provide your home these benefits, all while keeping your style and budget in mind. Contact us today to learn more.

living room windows

Replacement Windows from an Industry Leader

Dreamstyle Remodeling has partnered with Pella® to bring residents in the Western United States replacement windows of the highest quality. This industry leader produces beautiful, energy-efficient, durable, and customizable windows. Plus, you have options to make them your own. Pella® windows can be made using all of the following materials:

  • Natural Wood: This classic option is used to create windows in traditional and contemporary styles.
  • Vinyl: This low-maintenance option means you won’t have to paint, stain, or refinish your windows.
  • Fiberglass: This high-performance option mimics the look of real wood while standing up to harsh elements year-round.

With two sliding sashes that open and close, double-hung windows provide the most function, allowing airflow from the top, bottom, or both!


Attached by hinges at one side, casement windows open in a lateral motion through the use of a crank or sliding mechanism.


In large openings, gliding windows make an excellent choice. These windows slide open effortlessly to allow for easy ventilation of your home.


If you want to enjoy your view, picture windows are the best option. These windows allow you to have an expansive and unobstructed view of the great outdoors.

Bay or Bow

Three-panel bay windows as well as four- or five-panel bow windows add a unique architectural element to your home and bathe your space in natural light.


Not every home comes with standard-sized windows. We’re able to provide custom windows made specifically to fit your home.


Create something truly unique with a specialty window. We can create windows in a variety of shapes, including octagonal, triangular, circular, and more.

Pella® Windows Are Energy Efficient and Customizable

Pella® windows provide some of the best features when it comes to energy efficiency. Each window features two panes of glass coated in Low-E protection and separated with insulating argon gas. These features help you cut down on energy costs. You’ll also have the opportunity to customize your new windows with your choice of finish and color, as well as decorative grille patterns, hardware, and premium features like built-in blinds or smart technology.

Superior Installation Services from Dreamstyle Remodeling

Trust Dreamstyle Remodeling to install your new Pella® windows. Contact us today to discuss your window upgrade and receive a free quote. We’ll provide our expert installation services, so you know your new windows are installed with precision!

Window & Door Replacement Made Easy